Tomb Raider Reborn – TRLE Special by Nadine (Horus)

As the new TR game inspires many Tomb Raider fans to create their own custom adventures, here is some help to get you started to build your own Reborn-themed Tomb Raider custom level.

TR Reborn Starter Set

By Nadine (Horus)

The texture set, containing a selection of cliff, grass, rock, sand, wood and concrete textures, and the object set provide you with memorable objects and key visual elements to help you start building your own Tomb Raider Reborn inspired levels.



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TRLE – Recommended Objects

These are our recommended objects from other object designers that might add a great touch to your Reborn inspired tr custom game!

Click on the pictures to get to the download locations.

Japan Object Set by Elio

Bow and arrows by uranos1

Bow and arrows by Tifa

Tomb Raider Reborn outfits by Horus-Goddess

Cave objects and candles by maax

Cage (pushable/raising block) by kurtislara

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