New forum software! by TRForge team

Early 2020 the PHP version 5.6, by which our forum ran in the past few year, won’t be continued anymore. Therefore the search for a solution was only a question of time.

Because an update for our very old Woltlab Burning Board should have cost money and the forum was kinda broken anyway (for example, in the admin control panel were only hieroglyphics partially), we must accept the culture shock: from now on the forum runs with the free software myBB.

[ URL not active anymore ]

Some things in the new forum are very intuitive, some things need getting used to.
There’s nothing else for it but to discover and get to know the forum together. There are some missing functions and plugins that we already knew from the old forum. Also the design isn’t final. So in the course of time the forum will change from time to time.

If you have question or even problems, then go to the official thread in the forum:
[ URL not active anymore ]

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